A Lost Battle…

I feel sorry that I’m starting this blog on a sad note… I lost my 49 year old brother in the first week of December to the biggest killer till date… CANCER.

Why do I want to share such a personal thing, that too a sad one at that, with strangers? I have my reasons for that. Before this demon attacked my brother we had no clue of what it was all about. But as the mystery unfolded its ugly wings we were shattered. Ours was a healthy family and we, as kids also, don’t remember going to the hospital but for a necessary vaccine or two. So when my brother developed a big lump in his throat he got terrified and he went to a few local doctors. Some said it’s harmless, you can let it be. They said if at all a surgery is done it would only be for cosmetic purpose. Two other doctors said surgery was a must. Now whom do we believe? How do we take the decision?

My brother consulted a few more people and decided to go to an ENT specialist in a hospital in West of Chord Road in Bengaluru. THAT WAS THE BIGGEST BLUNDER because he went to a wrong doctor in the first place and secondly to a greedy one who in spite of not being authorized to do it [as he was not a surgeon, only a specialist, all this we understand now not then] conducted the surgery and messed it up. All the doctors who saw him later said that the first surgery was not done properly; some said it without mincing words and some, indirectly. Later what we understood is that he was supposed remove the thyroid glands completely and then send him to get a dose of iodine also called nuclear medicine, which would have seen my brother lead a normal life. He did nothing like that. He removed only 70% and didn’t send him for iodine dose. Even when my brother went to him after four months saying that his voice had changed, that fool of a doctor couldn’t get it. I believe any voice change which doesn’t become normal even after a month could be one of the symptoms of cancer. He realized his fault after a long time by which time the left over 30% had grown into my brother’s windpipe blocking it up almost fully for which he went to Wockhardt hospital and the very efficient doctor there did a laser surgery and saved him from dying in a day or two.

He was then sent to BIO [Bangalore institute of oncology] for iodine therapy by which time the cancer had got into his lungs. He received 5 doses of iodine over three years with a six months gap in between each dose. Even this couldn’t stop the cancer getting into his spinal cord and we, the family members died almost every day unable to see our dear one going through three surgeries, several iodine and radiation therapies. After suffering for three years he passed away in the first week of December. Sitting in the hospital I was thinking that cancer is making the doctors richer and the patients poorer, leave aside the mental trauma one undergoes throughout the treatment period. I was taken aback looking at the number of cancer patients at Bangalore Institute of Oncology (BIO). The nuclear medicine specialist at BIO was ready to administer another dose of iodine, just a few days before my brother passed away. What a greedy person he was.  Didn’t he know, as a doctor, that it would be of no use at that point of time? He just didn’t care, that’s it.

I’ve written these details here with a purpose because I want to tell people some important things we didn’t know or do at that time. I hope nobody will face the situations we had to. Firstly, before going to a doctor please check his credentials a hundred times, ask people how he is, search the net for any kind of feedback [I’m saying this because we lacked here even though all of us are well educated. Our problem was that we were illiterates when it came to medicines and doctors.] Choosing a good and efficient doctor is the FIRST AND FOREMOST thing that one has to do.

Secondly, if the doctor you’ve gone to suggests surgery of any kind, just do not hesitate to take a second or a third opinion before taking a decision. It is really very very important.

Thirdly, if you feel that you have some doubts or that you are not being given details completely, never think twice to ask about it. All the hospitals have posters telling you that it’s your right to ask anything and to have full information about your treatment and its implications. Though I must say that the doctors are so busy that most of the time they don’t have the time to answer your questions. [personal experience] But don’t let it be, ask!

The last and final aim of writing this blog is to tell about an ayurvedic doctor at Puttur in Karnataka. He is Dr B V Narayan who gives treatment for all kind of ailments including cancer. My brother was also taken there but it was too late and the fact that the cancer had entered his spinal cord made matters worse. Had we gone a year or two earlier probably he would be alive now.

We have seen a stomach cancer patient in his last stages in 2008 now moving about like a normal healthy person, driving his car and running his business. The allopathic doctors had given him 15 days time on this earth and he was immobile and couldn’t eat. He wrote all that was in his name to his wife and thought that was it. But somebody gave him the reference of Dr B V Narayan and he was put in a vehicle and taken there. Now after three years he is still alive, healthy and completely cured. I wish my brother was that lucky.  I believe there are many more cancer patients treated by Dr B V Narayan leading a normal life today. Even if his treatment doesn’t cure completely but can give the patient a few more years without surgeries and pain, I think it’s worth going to him. He doesn’t advertise anywhere, if you Google his name you won’t find anything. And his fee is almost as good as nothing. That is the reason I thought I’ll write about him here so that people suffering from this deadly disease can go to him and benefit from his treatment. My brother wasn’t so lucky but, if  my writing this helps even one person, there will be nobody happier than me and my family. My only advice is that don’t go there as a last resort but do it much before. I’m not telling you to discard allopathic medicines but do go to Dr Narayan as early as you can.

For people in need, here’s his address and telephone numbers. He sees patients in Puttur on all days except Tuesdays and Wednesdays as he goes to Mangaluru on these days to see patients there. Rest of the days he’s available at his vaidyashale (a small, old house which he calls his hospital) from 7 A. M. onwards.

Dr B V Narayan’s address:

Bolwar, Puttur
Dakshina Kannada-574201
Timings : 7- 4 PM
Sundays  : 7-1 PM

Phone numbers:  08251232279 and 08251234479.

It was a lost battle for my family. But I really hope this information will bring light to somebody’s life.


There’s a new number of Dr B V Narayan as given by one of the readers of this blog..9449469299. Find a little more information in his comment down below.



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95 responses to “A Lost Battle…

  1. waliullah

    Iam md.waliullah residence of Andhra Pradesh khammam dist. my wife is suffering from breast cancer . I went Hyderabad for treatment and surgery done,and then after doctor suggested for chemotherapy 8 sittings and then after radiation and harmontherapy . I heard about chemotherapy and radiation ,sideeffects and doctor says that cancer is in 3rd stage and there is no gaurentee of life after treatment .so,I decieded go for natural therapy so my seach is started from that day at last my search was ended at dr.b.v.narayan clinic. I went to dr.clinic 20 days after surgery.I have not given to my wife single sitting of chemo or radiation or any drugs of allopathy which allopathy doctor says that about hospital bill is nearly 10 lakhs.and there is no guarrenty of life .so I went to puttur to dr bv narayan really he was a good ayurvadic physician he treated my wife she is suffaring with breast cancer.now she is normal since two years so we are very happy with his treatment. So,iam refared to above 300 hundread patients to him 80% patients r happy with his treatment.

    v.v.good doctor he treated without fees to cancer patients . 100% success in 1 & 2 stage. even last stage patients are also extend their life span. he was service minded. Dr B V Narayan gives treatment for all kind of ailments including cancer.

    phone number-09912602876

    • Thank you Mr Waliullah for your inputs. My aim of writing this was also the same as yours, to tell as many people as possible about this good samaritan. I’m very happy to learn that your wife is leading a normal life since last two years. Wonderful !

    • Kumar

      Thanks for your valuable information. We consulted Dr. B.V.Narayan for Breast Cancer and now we are using medicines. We have confidence on him. Lot of Thanks for your information.
      — Kumar.

      • sanjeev

        mr. kumar, u didn’t give your feed back after taking medicines. please share your views.

    • Ganesh

      Hi, thanks for the valuable info.

      Dr BV Narayan’s cell phone number is now:
      94494 69299

      He is available Wednesday to Sunday, any time between 6:00 AM and 2:00 PM to discuss.

      I prepared the case history before call and told him all the details. He listened patiently and has asked for a report result. Hope all goes well.

    • Krishna

      Plz give me Dr b naryana my grandmother have a cancer plzz Cal me this number 8522004399

  2. Manjula

    Sorry to know that your Bro lost the battle. Thanks a lot for the cotact details of the Doc. My friends Mom has been operated many times without real success to prevent invading Cancer. Hope this Doc is a ray of hope for them….. Thanks for the Info

  3. Aasha

    Thanks for the valuable info. My dad has been diagnosized with GBM grade4, we are considering to seeking his help, i hope and wish it helps

  4. suma prasad

    through this post you have given a ray of hope not to one but many….nd there was a lump in my throat after i finished reading it ……the pain and agony which you went through is evident here but time is the best healer….as we all know…..

    • Yes Prabbhakar, I had read about Sri Narayana Murthy from Narasipura somewhere in a Kannada magazine. Hats off to people like him and Dr B V Narayana of Puttur thousands of people still have something to look forward to, in their lives. May God bless them! Thanks for the information.

  5. NVK Prasad

    Hi This is NVK Prasad from Andhra Pradesh, Khammam dsit, Penubally. Thanks for giving this valuable info as I am searching for my mother’s treatment while not getting her into other problems, Like radiation and chemo because she almost went intounconsciousness after taking 10 days radiation therapy.
    My mother suffered with severe back pain and couldn’t bear the pain when it came to any part of the body particularly chest and back bones. So we consulted one doctor in Vijayavada city. The doctor suspected this could be cancer. Then we went to Hyderabad and there it was diagnosed as bone marrow cancer named multiple myeloma almost one year back.
    Then the doctor suggested radiation therapy, while in the therapy My mother’s health gradually went down instead of getting better. After 10 days she went almost unconscious. Then the doctor said that she would not live more than 6 months with us and would start chemo therapy with capsules”. Since then we have been using same chemo capsules and pain killer injection every month. We started giving healthy food such as fruit juices, pomegranate juice, carat and beetroot juices 4 or 5 times in a day.
    After one month surprisingly she recovered and her health, better than when she was discharged from Hyderabad hospital. Now she can walk some distance and can sit for half an hour.
    I am planning to take her to the BV Naraya sir hospital. I am happy that finally I can do something to save my loving mother’s life.
    Thanks for all who posted this valuable info.

    • Wishing all the best Mr Prasad. Hope your mother’s health improves and she does not have to suffer any more.

      • Roop Kumar

        Hi Prasad, This is Roop Kumar. I have seen so many Cancer cases cured by Dr. B V Narayan Sir. Take your mother immediately. Don’t waste time till last moment. Your mother will definetely recover within 3-4 months. My relatives got cured from Cancer after consulting BV Narayan sir…..

  6. kumar

    my father is diagonised as lung cancer with pleural we are undergoing treatment in hyderabd 2 chemo’s has been completely . Can you please advice me what to do

    • Dhiraj Sharma

      Visit baba kamal nath ashram and start taking thier ayurvedic medicine which is free of cost and it has very positive results and many people have cured

  7. NVK Prasad

    Thanks for all responses and wishing for my mother heath. My mother has been treating by Narayan sir for 3 months, now she is feeling well. I am very very happy as in Hyd cancer hospital doctors said that my mother may not be with us not more than 6 months,it happened all most 1.5 yrs back. BV Narayan sir treatment was pretty simple and low cost. I took my mother 2 times to him. I can’t say about the 100% cure because it was diagnosed as multiple myeloma which is not curable. But still I can say, there is significant result in curing bone pains and recovery after taking Narayan sir treatment. My mother couldn’t sit more then 10 min and couldn’t walk walk herself with out support 3 months back, but now she can walk with out support and could sit more than 1 hour and can do her personnel works herself. Really surprising to me because very big cancer institute located in Hyd doctors said she might be alive 6 months only. So I can say hats off to BV Narayan sir and Thank you very much sir.

  8. Kuma

    Dear All,
    My father was diagonsied with lung cancer he is non-smoker , non alcholic . docters in hyd said it it lung cancer and plural effussion and currently 2 chemos has been finished. Can any one suggest us we right now in dilama.

  9. BABU

    Hi Do anybody know if Dr. Narayanan treat for CKD where Creatine level of 3 and above and urea level at 70. If somebody got cured, please do let us know. We have tried allopathy and didnot work well. Regards

    • Sorry for such a late response. What I suggest is that you should call up Dr Narayan directly on the numbers given above and find out if he treats CKD. Why ask anybody else?

  10. Varsha pai

    Thank u soo very for ur advice we are going to take my mom’s there for her treatment may god bless u and ur family thank u sooo very much

  11. sirisha

    hello im sirisha ,we live in hyderabad.my dad shivakumar ha got a lump in his left thigh doctors said that he should undergo surgery.he went through surgery 1 and half year back…after biopsy doctors said that its cancer..he went through radiation and 6 sittings of chemo in kims.he was good for 8 months.after that suddenly he was getting seveire back pain after going through ct scan omega doctors said that a lump is formed in stomach…he went through 2 sittings of chemo….now i want my dad to take to dr.b.v.narayana garu can u plz suggest me…

    • What can I suggest Mr Sirisha? I’ve written here my experience so that it might benefit somebody. You can speak to Dr B V Narayan and explain the situation to him and I think he will be able to tell you better. Also consult with your current doctor about going to Puttur. You have to first see if your father can take up the long journey from Hyderabad to Puttur. Consider all the facts and take a decision. I think you can speak to Mr Waliulla also who has posted his comments on this blog about his wife’streatment by the same doctor.

      • Vishal Pai

        Hi can I have anyone contact number so that I can talk to in person coz of miracle that took place 6 days back for my mom I am from Mumbai please help me out my no 09833121009 please reply asap

      • sirisha

        hello…i took my father to manglore on sunday…we have shown all the previous reports to him…he kept all of them aside and told to take his medicine and see the change …..thanksto Dr.Narayana garu for giving medicine…he is like god in my life…again we will go to him in 3 weeks for medicine…thank u for sharing your experiences and guiding us.

      • Nice to hear that Sirisha. Hope everything will be alright soon.

    • Roop Kumar

      Hi Sirisha, sorry for the late reply. First of all call Dr. B V Narayan sir immediately. Explain your father current situation. Based on the discussion you can take your father along with reports to Dr. B V Narayan. One more suggestion is, your father can go by flight from Hyderabad to Mangalore. Puttur is around 45 K.M.’s away from Mangalore. Don’t waste the time & don’t wait till the last moment. Contact Doctor immediately. Feel free to ask me if you have any further questions……

  12. Varsha pai

    As said above I took my mom to puttur as she was suffering from skin cancer and doctors had advised chemo but we didn’t opt for it and we went to Dr. B V Narayan. He checked my mom and a miracle happened!! He said that there is no cancer cell in her body and she is suffering from pilaria which is a infection. He also said that allopathic doctors have made big blunders with my mom’s life .Now my mom is under Dr B V Narayan’s treatment for her pilaria infection and I hope soon she will be fine.

    • Varsha it’s really unbelievable that doctors did this to your mother. Anyway, as wise people have said,’all is well that ends well’. Let’s hope your mother will get well soon and lead a normal life hereafter.

  13. Varsha pai

    Thank u so much people like u are really found one in a million who are there to help others .thank u for sharing u thought with us .god bless u thanks again

  14. ashish kumar saxena

    Hello….i m residing in Delhi. My wife 34 yrs was diagnosed with gall bladder ca mets to liver…..she under went 3 cycles of chemo ( gem + cisplatin) at rajiv gandhi cancer institute… n yesterday we shaw the ct report wherein mild increase in size n number in tumer is reported. N ow Drs. are planning for 6 cycles of chemo (folfox)….we are also giving her ayurvedic med. from baba kamal nath ashram tijara alwar rajasthan…..she has shown improvement in life after taking meds from ashram but the ct scam report has worried me…..ashram people are saying that their medicin takes atleast 3-4 months for better results….now wht should i do….should i change the medicin and switch over to dr. Narayan’s medicin or should i continue with baba kamal nath ji ‘s medicin till 3-4 months……pls help.

    • Hello Ashish, my sincere suggestion is that you please speak to Dr Narayan on phone and explain the situation. He’ll be able to advice you better in this regard. His numbers and address both are given at the end of this blog. You can send photo copies of all the reports to him so that he gets an exact picture of the problem. Speak to him first anyway.

  15. sanjeev

    hi…this is suresh from saharanpur u.p.. my brother had a tumour inside his mouth and was cancerous. it was 2nd stage. the tumour was removed by surgery. now the doctor is advising for radio therepy. should i take him to dr. Narayan for further treatment? can his rediotherepy avoided?

  16. Krishna

    We are giving narayan sir medicin from 15 days. How long it takes to work ? Is there instance of curing stomach cancer. Plz reply

  17. hii this is harish …….from hyderabad . i wish you to tell the my dad as suffering from metastsis liver cancer which was effeted from oesophagus cancer that was underwent from surgery and removed after 1 year again the cancer returned live a evil….and soon as cancer came we consulted the bv narayan sir for medicine ..we used that medicine for 3 months along with the chemothearaphy….there is no result after using it for three months now resently he is effected with jaundice and not eating anything lying ill…so please help what to do…..either medicine is working or not we are not getting it..we again consulted narayan sir he told that it will work…plz help me that medicine will work or not

  18. ravi

    Hi my mother is suffering from skin cancer .. she is 55 years.

  19. My due apologies to Harish, Ravi and Krishna for not replying to your mails due to some unavoidable circumstances.
    Also I don’t think I can answer your queries because I’m not qualified to. I understand your anxiety and feelings as I’ve gone through the same some years back. The best person to answer them is the doctor himself. I can only pray for your dear ones.

  20. Roop Kumar

    Hi Harish, Ravi and Krishna …..
    You all please contact Dr. B V Narayan Sir immediately via phone. The phone numbers are provided in this blog it self. Don’t wait till the last moment. For Cancer each day is valuable. As “raedhar” suggested, in the above blogs contact Dr. B V Narayan ASAP. I will also pray to God for your dear family members to recover.

    • Hello Roopkumar I really admire your enthusiasm in helping unknown people, trying to give them suggestions or any information that you may be having. That’s really very sweet of you. Thank you.

  21. Satya Prakash

    Thank You very much. Ur information is very valuable for me

  22. Rajendra Prasad

    Hi all this is Raj, i just taken my grand father on 29th nov,2014 to Sri. BV.Narayan for throat cancer 3rd+ stage it was just diagonised 15 days back after we seen a tumor at right side of neck below ear, docs adviced to radiation for 33days, which we didnt prefer instead we are using narayan sir medicine.

  23. bikram

    this is bikram from Odisha, my 05month old son detected thalassemia ,kindly advice wheather i will go to dr Narayan

  24. Roop Kumar

    Hi Bikram, first make a call to the doctor B V Narayan & enquire him over the phone whether he treats thalassemia or not. If he treats, then you can visit the Doctor. Cell number you can find in this blog.

  25. MInaz

    Hi ,

    Can you please tell the Manglore location where Dr. BV NArayan treats. I want to take my mom.

  26. Naveen

    My mother got diagnosed with bone marrow cancer last month and doctor suggested for chemotherapy 4-5 sittings, after taking 2nd opinion we thought of going with chemotherapy and now one chemo has been completed and we see every other week blood or platelets needs to be given so want to know if mother continue chemo along with Ayurvedic.

    • Naveen I’m nobody to give an opinion on such matters. So pl consult the doctor, call him up using the numbers mentioned in the blog and do what you feel is right.

  27. S R Krishna

    If we want to speak to doctor over phone what is the language he understands. My mother tounge is Telugu.

  28. Roop Kumar

    Hi Minaz, doctor treats at Puttur City which is 45 Kilo Meters distance from Mangalore. Bus frequency is very good from Mangalore to Puttur. In the Puttur city doctor treats at the area called Bolwar. Doctor’s full name is B.V. Narayan. You can find the doctor’s cell number in this blog. Tuesday & Wednesday are holiday for the doctor. Let me know if you still need some other information.

    • Bhawna Sharma

      My father is suffering frm liver cancer hcc n nw it is in last stage..spreaded In his lungs too n one of the cancer cell is nw there in his foodpipe too. He is jst 55 We live in Delhi n he is nt in condition to move so I cn get him to dr vb narayana. . Will it be possible if I cn show him all his latest reports n start up with the treatment. . Pls tell me.. I need ur help as I dnt want to lose him in any case..he is in a deep pain..what to do..
      Pls reply

      • Roop Kumar

        Doctor’s mobile number is present in this blog. First explain your case in phone to Doctor. Inform to Doctor that you are calling from Delhi & your father is unable to visit. Then Doctor will guide you. Most probably you can reach to Doctor along with your father’s reports & photographs. Before planning to visit first call and discuss. Don’t waste a single minute also.


  29. Suni

    Any ovarian cancer survivors? Stage 4, mets to colon and intestine (seen during surgery). 2 weeks since surgery, digestion is so weak along with blood work and CA 125 as high as 1900 now, chemo is postponed as at this low blood works it is not advised by onco. I started Dr Narayan’ med 1 week back, I am nervous. Doc says may be this year survival, at 59 this is too early to leave the world. I want to live. Pls any survivor update will be blessing. TX Suni

  30. Srikanth

    Hi everyone, Please consult Dr BV narayana he is efficient doctor and he cured 3 cancer patients whom i know. now he is treating my father in law for cervical c4, c5, c6. doctors told for operation. Dr narayana rejected the operation and told us to take medicine for 3 months.
    i visited him this month aug 4th

    Please consult this doctor. he is the best. i would recommend everyone should reach him before its too late. call him on mobile and explain.

  31. Hi All,
    One of my neighbor is suffering from Stomach cancer,
    If any one has already taken treatment from Dr. B V Narayana, please give me the details like,

    1.Do I need to book a token as an appointment from Dr. narayana.
    2.Do they have any lab or diagnostic center there to do some tests or Dr. will give medicine as per the prescription and lab report of existing docs.
    3. Is there any facility to stay for one day if we reach there before a day or half a day.
    4.How much it will probably cost there to do this treatment(as he is financially poor, so this is the last hope for them..).

    Please help me here.

    Kailash Sahoo

  32. sarath

    Hi, this sarath from rajahmudry, ap. Anybody having idea on treatment for blocks in arteries of heart with dr narayan. Pl guide me

  33. sridhar

    Hellow. My father who is aged 77 yr, is diagnosed with mouth cancer with small tumour, recently, Doctors said it is in 1st stage and radiation treatment is preferred.

    Kindly advise me about treatment by Dr BV NARAYAN

  34. sravani

    Can melanoma, skin cancer be treated??

  35. Richa sharma

    Hi sir
    My younger sisterthis who is just 25 is suffering from esophageal cancer metastasis stage 4 we took her to aiiims where drs.are saying that she can survive for only six or few months in her case no chemotherapy and radiation is done coz she is too weak as her weight is getting down day by day her present weight is just 30 kgs n blood is 7gms so there’s a big risk to handle a chemo she is in so much of pain they have given her morphine tablets which cures her pain for few hours but after that she still screams with the pain.as the tumour has already spread to her stomach and lymph nodes she can’t be able to sip a glass of juice we all are shattered it’s really painful to see her like this can Dr.bv narayana help me at this stage is there any chances of her cure. Actually I am alone I have my sister and she is everything to me so plz tell me Dr . Narayans medicine are helpful in any means sorry but her we I am not doubting his abilities but the thing as she is too weak to walk any where and no none is there with me to help so plz tell me clearly.
    1 where is his clinic and how can one reach there (exact location ) full address
    2 what is the cost of the treatment?

  36. Srinivas

    Hello Everyone Hope you guys are reading above articles I am here to help them who wanted to visit Dr. B V Narayana, Dr. B V Narayana is a great person and he will treat all types of diseases, People wanted to meet him here is the location from Bangalore it will take 6 hours Drive 310 KM. Once you are reached Puttur bus station you need to take Church road, From Church hardly you should walk one KM towards More Super Market. Once you crossed More super market right side side you can find small house !! That is Dr. B V Narayana hospital !!!!

    Bangloore to puttur – 310 KM
    or you can come back side from Mangalore to Puttur – 52 KM
    If any one want more information you can reach me

    • Raja

      Hi Srinivas, pls let us know the timings & the weekly working days. Also, if you can also let us know how much time it usually takes to get the appointment completed, that will be helpful as the patients may not be in a position to be in the line for too long.

      • Madhusudhan

        Hi Raja,
        It will take 10 min to complete your appointment.if patient is serious you can request and complete your appointment fast.

  37. Srinivas

    Raja let me know if you need more information about other things. Madhusudhan thank you reply I have missed to reply.

    • Satya

      Hi Srinivas, need some more info regarding taking an appointment. Can you share your contact /e-mail id please. my no i s9884082765

  38. Suman

    Hi Sir,
    My father is suffering from esophagus cancer(small cell carcinoma) from 2 months. he is undergoing chemotherapy. Two cycles completed till now. He is getting progressed now. i want to meet Dr. B V Narayan sir for the treatment in parallel. Can anybody undergone for this type of cancer to Dr for treatment?Please suggest.
    And also please clarify whether this Ayurveda medicines can be taken in parallel while chemotherapy is going on? are there any side effects? please suggest your valuable inputs.

    Suman Kumar H

    • Roop Kumar

      Hi Suman,
      Sorry to hear about your father. Dr. B V Narayan is a great doctor & he cures many types of Cancers. Doctor’s Phone Number is in this blog. Please call the Doctor first, instead of waiting for some one’s reply( who took the treatment for same type of Cancer).
      As per best of my Knowledge, Ayurveda medicines can be taken in parallel while chemotherapy. I noticed two or three such patients at Narayan. Once you explain about your dad to doctor, Narayan Sir will guide you everything. Pls. take all the reports for your visit to doctor. Pls. take your father if possible while consulting the doctor.
      As a friend, I suggest you to don’t waste even a single minute, as Cancer is very dangerous & it attacks the patient rapidly.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Roop Kumar.

  39. Naresh

    Hi All,
    I am Naresh, my father recently diagnosed with Lymphoma Stage 2 and tried 10 chemos and after 10 chemos the Oncology Dr mentioned the cancer growth is same since day one, so these 10 chemos were of no use- We have already spent around 19 lakhs and i think i am done with this procedure. Instead of health improvement my father became so sad, depressed, lost weight etc. Last week myfather and I went to Dr Narayana and he suggested few medicines and told us to be back after 1 month.
    i am reaching out to you my friend to please share if anyone who got cured with Lyphoma cancer. my email address muthineni.naresh@gmail.com
    Thank you once again for your time.

  40. roopa

    I am roopa…my father is suffering from liver cancer.When we diagonised the same we started dr. B V Narayana’s medicine. Almost 2 months over still his condition not improved.Help me how to know medicen working or not..Any body cured liver cancer by this medicine please replay.

  41. Pradeep

    Thank you so much for your information. Can you please share what are the requisite and prerequisites to be carried along with us to seek consultation. My cousin is suffering from breast cancer and I am thinking to take her there. Please let me know the information. Your response is highly anticipated and appreciated

  42. Munnangi Kavitha

    Sir please let me know whether Dr Narayan treats seizures.my son is development delayed child getting seizures in brain.

    • Kavita and all others…. please call the doctor on the numbers given above at the end of the blog. I have no answers to your questions. Only Dr Narayangan can answer them. Please ask him.

  43. Rahul

    Hello, everyone my father age 50 was recently diagnosed with 4 stage stomach cancer with liver metastases we are resident of delhi thier is any hope from dr BV Narayan or any person
    Who got relief from their medicine pls call me or WhatsApp
    My no is 8447983652

  44. Giri singh

    Is anyone here who conpletely cured from dr BV narayana? Plz rly its urgent

  45. Garvita thakur

    Want to know about his treatment plZ someone help?

  46. Suni

    Dr bv narayana stopped giving medicine

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