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Advertisements-good, bad and funny

With the arrival of TV in India we all got hooked on to it as if it was an inseparable part of our lives. Men were got addicted to sports and news channels, children to cartoon network and the ladies to those never ending serials which supply them with their daily dose of homely conspiracies. But one thing is common to all these three groups,when it comes to advertisements on TV.  Nobody wants to watch them…either they press the mute button or surf the channels to see if they can find something else.

Ads are seen as a nuisance by most people, but I really love them. Most of the time these ads are better than a serial or movie we may be watching. Some of them are made so well that they linger on in your memory for a long time and bring a smile on your lips. Like there are good ones and bad ones in everything, here also, there are some good ads, some bad and some very funny ones.

There are hundreds and thousands of ads but some of them have caught my attention for the above said three reasons.
The good ones :

1. The latest ICICI Prudential Insurance ad I’m sure, has made everyone sit up with a smile and watch it.( jo zimmedari nibhate hai jatate nhi) Whatever is shown there are the things we do all the time for the people we love. Well thought out and playing on people’s sentiments.

2.Another insurance ad that catches your attention very well is the SBI Life Insurance where the old husband is trying to gift his wife a diamond ring and the wife is blushing away to glory while saying “is umar me mei kya heera pehanoongi” for which the old man says “arre heere ko kya pata teri umar”. Soooo cute old age love, so adorable.

3.When Hutch was in circulation all the hutch ads and the song– I and you, in this beautiful world–with the lovely dog all over the place was loved by one and all. Now that we don’t have Hutch anymore we really miss the dog so much.

4.The Happydent ad– this ad is overly creative and innovative in the sense, who can think of white shining and dazzling teeth substituting for electric lights and a person hanging on a pole and smiling so that the place is well lit? Too good.

5.Tata Tea Premium ads (jago re) come with a social message which teach us something apart from selling their products…choti duty choti patti, badi duty badi patti etc

6. Nirma ads– of a child adjusting the direction of the projector on to a super white saree for clarity of picture or the Hema, Rekha, Jaya aur Sushma ad which leaves nobody in doubt about the Woman Power. 🙂

7. Any Raymond ad– classic, emotional and beautifully done.

8. There are innumerable old ads like the “jab mei chota ladka tha (Bajaj bulbs), Hamara Bajaj ( a happy family on a Bajaj scooter), Parle G ( humko pata hai ji), Rasna ad with the very cute looking small girl ( where did she vanish, I wonder) and many others
The bad ones :
1. All Axe and other similar deodorant and perfume ads which are almost vulgar.. a strict no no.

2.Cadbury Silk ads- all of them–who eats chocolates the way they’ve shown in the ad with fingers and face all smudged with chocolate? Yucky!

3.Even the latest Kitkat ad which shows small babies dancing whenever a bite is taken. The baby’s dance is all graphics and it gives an unexplainable eerie feeling–something is not natural.

4.Colgate salt and Rin powder ads show their characters as though they are going attack somebody.. suddenly coming out of nowhere and asking “kya aapke toothpaste mei namak hai?” or “aapke kapade peele kyo hai”

The funny but good ones:
1. Gems Surprise–raho umarless ads–very funny–very good– the lady in the park trying to hide the gems spring or the one where a man picks the lone blue gems from a mural and stands there with a sheepish grin when the whole thing comes down and the latest of all, two middle aged men in arguement over the exchange of toys that come along with the gems packet.

2.Sprite ad–mere paas car hai– in which the girl says “aunty aap car me chale jayiye aur mai bike pe” funny ad but the song is very peppy.

3. The “tedha hai per mera hai” kurkure ads are really funny. They were the best with Juhi Chawla’s expressions, but Parineeti is also good.

4. The Idea ad– hello honey bunny jingle is very hummable in a very funnyway, it was on everyone’s lips for quite sometime.

5. The cute vodafone zoo zoos, adorable figures with funny antics were everybody’s darlings. I really feel sad that they are not there anymore.

6.I can’t skip this one, though its very old showing an overstressed Javed Jaffry collapsing on the office table– yeh bechara kaam ke boj ka maara, inhe dijiye Humdard ka Sinkara

There are many many more but its impossible to put everything here. But I’m happy my list is showing more of good and funny ones as compared to bad ones. Good for the advertising fraternity.



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