She was only a child…..

As soon as I opened today’s newspaper my sleepy eyes opened wide trying to digest the glaring headlines. My eyes welled up with tears and I could feel my heart sinking. The little girl, the five year old from Seoni in Madhya Pradesh who was raped and abandoned in open fields on 18th of this month breathed her last yesterday night. She battled for her life for 11 days but couldn’t hold on to it any longer. How much strength could that little girl have had? She was a only child.

If I’m feeling like this what must be the plight of her parents? My heart bleeds for them. Will they ever be able to forget all that happened to their small child? These awful memories are going to haunt them forever. May God bless the little one’s soul and give her parents the strength to overcome all this. AND may God give the authorities the courage to punish these filthy criminals without waiting for this and that.



April 30, 2013 · 5:18 am

2 responses to “She was only a child…..

  1. The person responsible for all this was heartless and barbaric.

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