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Jako Rakhe Saiyan Maar Sake Na Koyee

Recently in U K a 130 year old tortoise died of a rat bite! It was supposed to have survived two world wars and even a bomb in the blitz!! Such a brave heart died -of all the things- of a rat bite??  If it had died a natural death nobody would feel bad, but the rat made it a very   sad ending for somebody with a heroic reputation. It was living with its present  owner for the past 35 years and the grief stricken lady called the rat, a rogue. I think she had a very valid reason to do so.

And then, there’s this case of a 15 year old boy from Moscow, who survived a suicide attempt when he jumped from the 10th floor of a residential apartment building. He did that because his mother forbid him from watching videos on the internet!!! He landed on a tree and got stuck in the branches because of which he survived but with severe injuries. I hope he’ll recover soon enough and be on his feet again.

Reading about these two incidents reminded me about a saying in Hindi – jako rakhe sayian maar sake na koyee- meaning- whoever is protected by God, nobody can kill him. We keep hearing about incidents where people have survived the harshest of accidents, mishaps or illnesses. Sometimes it’s unbelievable to see a man coming out unscathed after a horrifying accident., whereas his companion may be lying dead there… like some people who’ve survived the most scary air plane crashes.

Some of us may deny the presence of God and  say it’s all man made stories. Even I feel so at times. But then looking at so many things that happen around us- for which we really have no answer- we have to accept there’s something beyond our comprehension. Some call it God and some, a super natural power. Call it what you want to, but there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s something above  all human beings or anything else. Otherwise how do you explain somebody falling from such a great height and surviving and some one, be it an animal, dying of rat bite???  This is not the first time we’ve heard of such a case– once my friend’s five year old daughter fell down from the terrace and she was injured badly but survived and now has grown up to be a beautiful 20 year old.  Looking at such incidents makes one believe in Jako rakhe saiyan maar sake na koyee.  Sounds amazingly believable and true.



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