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Mob Frenzy

A few days back the Rajyarani Express ran over a group of pilgrims who were crossing the railway track at the Dhamara  station. It was very sad that people who had set out for a darshan of their God had to meet their end like this. But even more sad was the news that followed it, that the mob which had gathered at the place bashed up the driver of the train–for no fault of his.

I think the very fact that these people were crossing the railway track means that they were doing something at their own risk.  As children all of us have been taught that we have to look to our left and right before crossing the road. But, nobody tells us to do this on a railway track because we are NOT supposed to be crossing them.. there are over head bridges which take us to the other side without an iota of risk to our lives.

My heart felt sympathies are with these unfortunate people. But I sincerely feel that they brought it upon themselves. It was wholly and solely their mistake. We all know that when the brake of a train is applied it takes sometime before the train comes to a complete halt and this particular one was an express train running at full speed. It did not have a stop at the station and very well had the clearance to pass by. In such a situation what could the poor driver have done? Even if he had spotted those people and applied the brake, the train couldn’t have stopped immediately. Did the furious mob even try to understand what had happened and why and how it happened? The only thing that occurred to them was to get together and get after the life of the innocent driver. What would his family do if he had died because of injuries? As if this was not enough they even set some coaches on fire, ransacked the station and also held some railway staff captive for hours!!

I really don’t understand how can one resort to such immature act when none of the people they were targeting, were at fault. How can a responsible citizen try to destroy public property? Some months ago there was another incident where the parents were callous enough to let their two little children wander on the railway tracks.  And then happened what was inevitable. The children were hit by a speeding train and died. And what did the people around do? They broke down this and that at the station and beat up the poor station master. Real nonsense, I must say. Nowadays such incidents of the mob setting buses and other vehicles on fire or vandalising bus stands, railway stations or hospitals has become very common.

Though it was entirely the fault of the people who died in these accidents the government quickly announced monetary compensation. (or else the railway minister would’ve been beaten up) I suppose nobody wants to face a mob frenzy.

I seriously think that all those who indulge in such activities should be severely punished. Destroying public property and manhandling public servants or anybody for that matter, is surely a punishable offence.It’s also a mockery of our governance that all these people get away easily without anybody questioning them! Do they ever regret what they do or do they enjoy  and derive sadistic pleasure from such activities? I really think we can never get answers for these questions.

To conclude I can only say that either uneducated or half educated people only can indulge in such devilish acts. No civilized person can stoop so low. These people need to realize that some day they may be at the receiving end because what goes up has to come down.



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