Mr Khemka, Be An Indian In India.

Latest news is that Ashok Khemka  is being charge sheeted  a second time by the Haryana government. He became the hottest celebrity when he cancelled the mutation of land deal between the DLF and India’s jamai Robert Vadra. To raise voice against such a VIP, that too when you are on the pay roll of the government and not in the opposition party, takes a lot of guts. When he dared to do it he was transferred and later slapped a charge sheet saying that he had overstepped jurisdiction in passing orders to cancel the mutation. Now the second charge sheet alleges that there were irregularities in wheat seed sale during his tenure as MD in the Haryana Seed Development Corporation. Khemka says he was not even given a chance to put across his side of explanation.

We always keep cribbing that there’s no honesty in government offices and that the officials are busy filling their pockets. Why do you think they do it?  Why are they not motivated enough to do their work sincerely without expecting bribes? They are like this because they have seen and understood that honesty doesn’t do them any good in our country. If you want to do things the way they should be done, you come across hundreds of hurdles and realize that you are the only one being questioned and harassed, all for being honest and up right. No body supports you when you decide to tread the path not dared by many. You are seen as a foolish person. You are left wondering whether you did the right thing by getting into all the trouble.

So many wrong things keeps happening in all government offices. It’s like an open secret where every body knows what’s going on.  Nobody wants to do anything about it because they know that Karenge to marenge.  Gandhiji’s three monkeys are a good example to follow in the new twisted version.. Bura mat dekho, (agar dikh raha hai to aankh band karlo), Bura mat suno, ( agar sunliya to usko unsuna kar do) Bura mat bolo ( jo bura dekha aur suna uske bare me muh mat kholo, nahi to bure phase). If you just close your eyes to everything  that’s happening around you, irrespective of right or wrong, you’ll be safe and happy.  What’s one going to gain by being honest?  Only brickbats, harassment and counter accusations.  In spite of the whole world knowing well that you are right, you’ll be made to look like you are the culprit. Tell me who wants all this?

So Mr Khemka, be an Indian in India. Do as the other officers of all government offices are doing.  Ask them where do they lock up their conscience before coming to office. Take a tip or two and suppress that conscience of yours which keeps popping up every now and then. Spare your wife the agony of packing, unpacking and shifting and your children of changing schools and friends. Don’t you have some duty towards them too? Or just get ready for another transfer, yet another charge sheet because you are up against the most shameless, power hungry people who have no morals and scruples.

Sorry Mr Khemka, for giving you unwanted advice. But let me assure you that along with your quick transfers you are also earning the respect of ‘aam janta‘ of India. We are proud of the only one Khemka that we have.



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2 responses to “Mr Khemka, Be An Indian In India.

  1. suma prasad

    Very well written….many a times we seethe with anger and resentment,but hold ourselves back thinking of the repercussions which would follow…we need many khemkas like this who can bring a change towards corruption which is rampant in our society. Loved your version of Gandhiji’s monkeys ….

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