Bhoot Aaya Bhoot!

A new serial has started on Sony TV, called Bhoot Aaya!  As it usually happens the advertisements announcing the show were being telecast much before it actually started. My first reaction when I saw the advertisement was, ‘Oh! NO!!’ I was instantly reminded of a show long ago, on the same channel called Aahat  which  was probably the first of its kind on Indian TV. It was about all things unnatural, supernatural, black magic and what not!!  Initially people got hooked on to it as it was something new and otherwise also, human beings are always fascinated by things that exist only in their imagination and of things that have only stories and more stories and no proof. So this new horror serial garnered very good TRP. But like they say, all good (bad) things must come to an end. The producers of the show ran out of ideas but didn’t want to wind up a successfully running programme.  In a desperate bid to keep the show going on they tried to make it scarier with dirty looking wigs, side teeth poking out (like that of  a wild hog),thickly outlined eyes in a white painted face with coloured lenses on eye balls etc.. To top it all there would be cots swinging in the air and people (possessed ones)making strange sounds. All this made it a comical serial than a horror one. No need to say the fan following reduced drastically and the show had to be called off.  After this, different channels tried their hands at it but none could survive longer.

In all these years I’m sure, nobody missed such serials. But looks like the TV channels don’t want us smiling, happy and carefree. As  if the M-I-L and D-I-L  domestic fight and sob stories weren’t enough, they are out again in an effort to scare our wits out of us.  As a child I used to be really scared of the these ghostly stories because I used to read  Chandamama and some other children’s magazines which used to have at least one ghost story. In those days people really believed in them and everybody used to come out with different stories as though they have seen a ghost face to face. We, as children, believed them to be true. I remember how scared I used to be to walk under a tamarind tree because that’s where the ghosts lived, according to people. Now all those ghostly stories sound very ghastly and I feel like laughing at myself for believing in them.

Now we’ve to wait and watch to see what happens to the new ghost serial. Frankly speaking, in today’s world when people seem to be questioning the existence of God, will anybody have interest in one more bhootiya serial?  Despite all the progress in science and technology, the fact that such regressive and unbelievable stories have once again found their way to peoples drawing rooms, is in itself very disappointing and something we are not proud of!



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2 responses to “Bhoot Aaya Bhoot!

  1. suma prasad

    Good one….i could relate to this… even i get the same thoughts whenever i accidently tumble on them while changing channels….

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