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The Widows of Aravan

Tranquil Chaos


Imagine a life where,

You walk into a room and people look away.

You try speaking to them, yelling at them, crying in front of them but no matter what you do, you can’t get a single reaction out of them.

People snigger behind your back, abuse you from far away, look at you with contempt or worst of all, treat your existence with complete indifference.

You either get stared at like a zoo animal or looked through like you’re invisible.

May 1996 : I remember my first encounter with them. I was very scared though I couldn’t explain why but I just was. I followed suit and did what all the other adults in our train compartment did as soon as they entered. I stared  out of the window determined not to look back, no matter how much clapping or singing happened right behind my back. After a…

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