Whims And Fancies Of The Rich And Mighty

In July 2012 a person from Kerala made news for paying 12 lakhs to acquire a number for his vehicle, which had zero as the last two digits and left people wondering about the strange fancies of the wealthy people of India. Again in October 2013, either not wanting to feel left behind or just  feeling inspired, another person from Tamil Nadu, a taxi company owner paid a hefty sum of 33.93 lakhs for a fancy number, 20002000 !! Let’s not forget Vijay Mallya’s penchant for yachts, vintage cars and making calenders with skimpily clad match stick figured girls. How much he spends on these calenders had made news in those days. And then came the news of Mukesh Ambani’s gift to his wife Neeta, the 27 storied Antilia. Twenty seven stories doesn’t sound like one family residence but a housing society!! This gift of love is said to be having six stories exclusively for parking vehicles, three helicopters pads, countless lounges, elevators, powder rooms, guest rooms, ballroom, swimming pools, gym and a full fledged theatre to watch movies with a wine room, snack bar and entertaining space to make movie watching better than the one at an actual cinema hall. Now it is topping Forbes list of the world’s costliest homes.

While the public was still digesting the news of the twenty seven story house Nita Ambani  hogged the limelight with her saree which is supposed to have cost forty lakhs !?!   It is said to be the reproduction of Raja Ravi Verma’s eleven paintings and took one year to take the final shape at Chennai Silks with over thirty people working on it.  It has pure gold embroidery with genuine gem stones and weighs eight kgs!!  It has made ti the Guinness book of world record as the costliest saree.

There are many more such examples of which these are only a few outrageous samples. We middle class people cannot digest such larger than life doings of the rich and the mighty. Isn’t it absolute madness spending in lakhs for a number on your vehicle or a saree?  When lakhs and lakhs of people in the country are striving to make two ends meet, such display of wealth looks disgusting. While people grow old dreaming of a shelter of their own, how must they be feeling when they see buildings like Antilia? Reading about the details of the house in itself so tiring and I wonder if the four or five members of  the family who live there, get to go to all the parts of the house even once in a year 🙂 Why does anybody need an overly huge house even if one is filthy rich? At the end of the day all you need is ONE bed to relax and sleep in.  And given the fact that these are very busy socialites one cant help wondering if they ever get to enjoy the home theatre and this and that.  🙂

All said and done there’s something positive in Ambani’s extravaganza, only if you are willing to take a note of it.  Antilia is taken care of, by a staff of 600 people who are busy in the upkeeping of the house. That means Antilla is the reason behind the running of 600 households in Mumbai. Isn’t that absolutely amazing? Going overboard in one’s display of wealth is one thing and providing employment to hundreds of people is another thing, specially in a country like India where uemployment is a major problem. Same thing goes for the saree episode also because it gave thirty odd weavers work for a year without any gap.  I’m sure this has boosted the morale of all those involved in it’s making and given them a hope that as long as long as people like Ambanis are there, they don’t have  to worry about their rozi roti.  May be, its not as bad as it seems to us. But I still think that the money for those fancy numbers for  the vehicles was not worth it because it didn’t do good to anybody except making the man who spent for it, happy.  I think there is no dearth of such whimsical people and we may get to hear about many more crazy things they do, very soon. 🙂



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2 responses to “Whims And Fancies Of The Rich And Mighty

  1. rajini

    There was this joke of the mighty Antilla, that just incase mukesh darling forgets his car keys, or his jet keys, he would be zooming all over the floors of his grotesquely shaped housed wondering, where last seen. Crazy fancies of wonky people.

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