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Thoda Hai Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai….

We are back in Delhi for the third time, on our last posting before my husband’s retirement. We came here when the famous ‘dilli ki sardi’ was on the threshold waiting to catch the delhites in its folds.  Delhi winter can be quite nasty at times. I remember when we were here on our first posting, way back in late nineties, temperature had dipped to two degrees and it was awfully cold. To top it all, my eight year old daughter and I had to catch our respective school busses at six-forty five in the morning!! During winters one can see people sitting outside soaking in the sun and enjoying the samosas, gud pattis and til ke gajjak. They gorge on gajar and moong halwas, hot gulab jamuns and jalebis, least bothering about health issues. They have a logic to it saying that winters are the only time when they can enjoy eating because once the summer season starts one doesn’t feel like eating. They know it better I think because they belong to this place and are not on posting for 2-3 years like us. So these people make the best of winters by getting out of their houses and enjoying their outings. Most of the famous exhibitions, India International Trade Fair being one of them, also happen during winters.

With experience we have also realized that it is best to get out of the house in winters on holidays because sitting at home makes one feel colder. When you are inside you think today the weather is at its worst. But come out of the house and you realize how good it is outside. So on most Saturdays and Sundays we try to go out at least for half a  day. On all such outings I would notice many homeless people under the Metro bridge and elsewhere in the open braving the cold. They eat, sleep and live there and their children run to the vehicles that stop at traffic signals to ask for money or whatever people can give.

Whenever I saw these people I would feel ashamed of myself because I keep cribbing  about the cold weather in spite the warmth of my house, with heaters and hot air blowers and geysers.  Add to it the multiple layers of woollens. These people on streets have nothing of these luxuries that we have taken for granted. We look at them and feel sad. But does it stop  us from craving for a little more of everything that we have? It’s human nature to keep upgrading the list of wants, always aiming for  better and greater things.

A person living on streets wishes for a roof of any kind over his head whereas as the one living in a small house looks at big houses with a dream of owning one some day. And people who are already living in big houses may have a second house in their minds. There’s is nothing wrong in aspiring for more as long as it’s harmless, like a a very successful state level player wanting to be a part of the national team and then, international.  A girl with short and curly hair wishes she had long and straight hair and vice versa. People with wheatish or dark complexion  want to have a glowing and fair complexion. That’s how all these fairness cream companies are minting money though everybody is well aware that nothing can turn a dark skin to a fair one. The flip side of this is fair skinned foreigners trying to sun bathe so as to have a tanned look 🙂

It’s a proven fact that human beings are not happy with what they have, be it God given or self earned…poor, rich, tall, short, fat, slim or anything else. A little more of everything is always warranted 🙂 Whoever wrote that song  thoda hai thode ki zaroorat hai …knew the pulse of our  aam aadmi very well..jiska dil hai ki maanta hi nhi lekin maangta more hai 🙂

But there’s one more thing to all this- a good one. If people didn’t have dreams in their eyes or the craving to have better things and  better lives for themselves, there wouldn’t be anything called progress or change. Like the later part of the song says–

humne sapna dekha hai koi apna dekha hai, jab raat ka ghunghat utrega aur din ki doli gujaregi,
tab yeh sapna poora hoga…….thoda hai, thode ki zaroorat hai….. Zindagi phir bhi yaha khoobsoorat hai

So never stop dreamimg… thoda hai to thoda aur mil hi jaayega, just work a little harder. That’s it.



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