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What’s your name?

‘What’s your name?’ is one question that all of us have had to answer ever since we came to this earth. Everybody irrespective of caste, creed or class
gets a name as soon as they are born. It is obvious that it’s difficult to differentiate one from the other without the identification of a name. As such, sometimes or let me say, most of the times the over enthusiastic parents would have raked their brain cells and found an apt name (or they think so), for their yet to be born child.

I know, it’s difficult to visualize how your just born child would be when it grows up. Hence, when the the parents name their babies by a certain name, they are for sure hitting a target in darkness unless they have zeroed in on a normal sounding name. Most of the time it doesnt go awry but in some cases it does. It all depends on how vivid (wierd?) is the imagination of the parents. Some examples that come to my mind – of the ‘gone wrong cases’ are-a girl named Lata growing up to be an obese girl or a Meenakshi or Sunaina ending up with elephant eyes or not so pretty eyes. Somebody who doesn’t know the ABCD of music living with a name like Sangita or a totally dry and humourless person with a name like Vinod.  A girl named Shanti turning out to be everything but Shanth. For an ordinary looking child growing up with names like Sundar, Sundari or Roopa could prove to be demoralising.

An advertisement of Maggi noodles shows a school girl coming home depressed as her classmates at her new school are mocking at her because she is named Rajkumari by her parents. For maggi people it’s very simple–give her a bowl of maggi and she is happily smiling to her mother’s statement that special people have special names. But is it really that easy? Don’t we all know about Gogol, the hero of Jhumpa Lahiri’s ‘Name Sake’- the ordeal that he went through because of his name. I think people who have similar funny names totally agree on this point. One of our friends named their daughter Iti which, as far as I know, means’ the end’ and some say it means -‘this’.  I really wonder what made them name their beautiful girl like this!! In olden days people used to think that children are born because of God’s will and that it was not in their hands to control the number of children they can have. So in those days, in Karnataka, when the number of children went beyond a certain limit people used to name their girl child   Sakamma which literally means Enough.  Pl note that it was only for girls and I have not seen a boy named like that.  Not that naming like this helped in anyway for I’ve seen many more after the one named Sakamma:)  I don’t know if this was prevalent in other states also. And for couple who used to lose their new born babies for some reason or the other, the best solution seemed to be naming their child as Gundamma or Gundanna which actually means somebody who is as strong as a stone. Probably they hoped that by naming the child like this they can see the child survive and grow strong. Illogical and senseless definitely.

Mr Laloo Prasad Yadav (needs no introduction) named one of his daughters Misa as she was born on the day Smt Indira Gandhi introduced the Misa i.e.  Maintainance Of Internal Security Act and another of his daughters is named Kursi (chair)??  The reason given was that she was born at the time when he  occupied Bihar CM’s Kursi!!  What brilliant thinking, I must say 🙂  Looks like Mr Laloo didn’t want to invest time and energy in looking for names for his daughters. That’s why we have Misa and Kursi. Misa sounds ok for a name as long as one doesn’t know it’s an abbreviation of something. But  Kursi?? What must that girl’s plight be everytime her name is called out in the class room or elsewhere?  As a grown up she must be feeling like hiding somewhere thanks to the wierd thinking of her father.   But then, what’s Laloo’s fault when he’s spending his life with a wife named Rabdi Deevi who has sisters like Imarti Devi, Jalebi etc.  Too sweet to be ignored:)

South Indians are often made fun of, for their long names which include father’s name and name of the place they belong to, along with one’s own name. For example  Tumkur NarahariRao JagadishRao which is actually written as T N Jagadish Rao or just T N J Rao.  When the name is expanded in passport or pan card it becomes a real long name. People from other parts of India find it difficult to pronounce the South Indian names. Most of them don’t understand that South India is not only Tamil Nadu but there are three other states and one union territory and Tamil is not the language of whole of South India.

That’s about South Indian names. Now there are some nick names that I’ve come across  from the other side of India, mostly Punjabis, Bengalis and Sardars. If South Indian  names are  made fun of, there are these pet names or nicknames that most of us find funny (my due respects to the sentiments behind these nicknames). I have heard and seen people with nicknames like Happy, Joy,Prince,Shiny, Honey, Jolly, Mika,Harry, Lovely, Smiley, Silky etc.. Honey Singh, the singer is actually Hridesh Singh and another singer Mika ia Amrik Singh in actuality.  Film maker Harry Baweja is actually Harjaspal Baweja and not to forget Hard Kaur whose real name is Taran Kaur. I think people from these places must be having a fancy for English names:)  And then we have the Bengalis whose names are admiration worthy but nicknames are really really funny. Here are just some of them – Tuktuk, Tuktuki, Gulgul, Bhombol, Tumpa, Baapi, Babai, Bumba, Puchki, Mou, Khoka,Tutur, Piklu etc etc. I really have no idea if these have any meaning.

My own daughter’s nickname is Kunchi and when somebody asks me the meaning of Kunchi I really can’t give an explanation but my husband claims that it means a very small bird.  Her name is Chaitra and on hearing this pat comes the question ‘was she born in the month of Chaitra’, which happens to be the first month of Hindu calender. Our reply is ‘No, she was born in September” and I can see the question in their eyes – then why Chaitra – and we have no answer:)

Now the latest news is that Jonty Rhodes, the South African cricketer has named his new born baby ‘India’ !!   Just imagine we naming our child  America or Japan or Africa – it sounds so funny as well as strange. While naming a child every parent has to keep in mind that it should not cause an embarassment for the child in her/his school, college or anywhere outsides the four walls of their homes. So parents, think ten times before giving a name or nickname to your child keeping the future in mind.


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Thoda Hai Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai….

We are back in Delhi for the third time, on our last posting before my husband’s retirement. We came here when the famous ‘dilli ki sardi’ was on the threshold waiting to catch the delhites in its folds.  Delhi winter can be quite nasty at times. I remember when we were here on our first posting, way back in late nineties, temperature had dipped to two degrees and it was awfully cold. To top it all, my eight year old daughter and I had to catch our respective school busses at six-forty five in the morning!! During winters one can see people sitting outside soaking in the sun and enjoying the samosas, gud pattis and til ke gajjak. They gorge on gajar and moong halwas, hot gulab jamuns and jalebis, least bothering about health issues. They have a logic to it saying that winters are the only time when they can enjoy eating because once the summer season starts one doesn’t feel like eating. They know it better I think because they belong to this place and are not on posting for 2-3 years like us. So these people make the best of winters by getting out of their houses and enjoying their outings. Most of the famous exhibitions, India International Trade Fair being one of them, also happen during winters.

With experience we have also realized that it is best to get out of the house in winters on holidays because sitting at home makes one feel colder. When you are inside you think today the weather is at its worst. But come out of the house and you realize how good it is outside. So on most Saturdays and Sundays we try to go out at least for half a  day. On all such outings I would notice many homeless people under the Metro bridge and elsewhere in the open braving the cold. They eat, sleep and live there and their children run to the vehicles that stop at traffic signals to ask for money or whatever people can give.

Whenever I saw these people I would feel ashamed of myself because I keep cribbing  about the cold weather in spite the warmth of my house, with heaters and hot air blowers and geysers.  Add to it the multiple layers of woollens. These people on streets have nothing of these luxuries that we have taken for granted. We look at them and feel sad. But does it stop  us from craving for a little more of everything that we have? It’s human nature to keep upgrading the list of wants, always aiming for  better and greater things.

A person living on streets wishes for a roof of any kind over his head whereas as the one living in a small house looks at big houses with a dream of owning one some day. And people who are already living in big houses may have a second house in their minds. There’s is nothing wrong in aspiring for more as long as it’s harmless, like a a very successful state level player wanting to be a part of the national team and then, international.  A girl with short and curly hair wishes she had long and straight hair and vice versa. People with wheatish or dark complexion  want to have a glowing and fair complexion. That’s how all these fairness cream companies are minting money though everybody is well aware that nothing can turn a dark skin to a fair one. The flip side of this is fair skinned foreigners trying to sun bathe so as to have a tanned look 🙂

It’s a proven fact that human beings are not happy with what they have, be it God given or self earned…poor, rich, tall, short, fat, slim or anything else. A little more of everything is always warranted 🙂 Whoever wrote that song  thoda hai thode ki zaroorat hai …knew the pulse of our  aam aadmi very well..jiska dil hai ki maanta hi nhi lekin maangta more hai 🙂

But there’s one more thing to all this- a good one. If people didn’t have dreams in their eyes or the craving to have better things and  better lives for themselves, there wouldn’t be anything called progress or change. Like the later part of the song says–

humne sapna dekha hai koi apna dekha hai, jab raat ka ghunghat utrega aur din ki doli gujaregi,
tab yeh sapna poora hoga…….thoda hai, thode ki zaroorat hai….. Zindagi phir bhi yaha khoobsoorat hai

So never stop dreamimg… thoda hai to thoda aur mil hi jaayega, just work a little harder. That’s it.


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Swach Bharat Abhiyan

Shri Narendra Modi, Our new Prime Minister is always in the news, more for the good things he’s doing and planning to do more and more  in the coming years. His Swach Bharat Abhiyan on second October which happened to be Gandhiji’s birthday, garnered a lot of admiration and inspired quite a lot of people. There were people, as usual, ready with their negative comments but couldn’t cut down the enthusiasm of  the general public.

When I heard about this  Swach Bharat Abhiyan the first thing that came to my mind was my school Presentation Convent In Dharwar, Karnataka opposite Kittur Chennamma Park. I studied there from third standard to seventh standard which was way back, from 71 to 76. It was an all girls school from fourth standard onwards and co-ed from first to third. So many years have passed but somehow, memories of the good old days spent there keep coming back to me.

I cannot forget the nuns who used to be dressed in white from head to toe and were kindness and affection personified. At the same time they were very strict and believed in discipline and taught not only lessons but also the do it yourself  concept. Cleanliness was given a lot of importance. From sixth standard onwards the classes were divided into four or five squads with around eight children in each squad. Each squad was assigned different duties for one week which included cleaning the class, the desks and benches along with other duties. Cleaning the class meant literally holding a broom and sweeping the class! And it was not total type of cleaning but a proper one with the girls sweeping nicely and properly under the desks, benches, window sills and everywhere.  And then two girls would dust the desks and benches with a duster. There were sweepers in the school to do this job and would do it again after we left the school. This was purely to teach us that no work is inferior and everybody should be ready to do any work without feeling bad. Apart from this we were also given the task of watering the school garden, not with a long pipe but by filling buckets under the tap. Each class got to do this only twice a year and I remember very well how excited we used to be about this twice a year opportunity and used to look forward to it 🙂

If the schools of today try this now there will be a line of objecting parents who would fight and threaten to lodge a complaint. But in those times it was different and parents never came to school to complain about anything unless something was drastically wrong. This, when majority of the children belonged to good families. We children were so kicked up about the squad duties that the nuns could get anything done from us 🙂 I must say we all enjoyed and took pride in carrying out duties as squad members and would wait for our turns which used to come once a month. It is at such places that one learns about dignity of labour, co-ordination and co-operation.

Thanks to my school I’m a better human being today because the school taught me to respect all human beings and after almost forty years of leaving that school I feel proud to say that I’m a student of Presentation convent. The people of India, lead by Modi are out on a cleanliness drive which our school taught us years ago. Three cheers to Presentation Convent, Dharwar.

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Merciless Murders

The rainy season is in and with it, thousands of insects of all kind are coming out of the earth. Obviously rain water is not letting them stay in their cozy homes peacefully. How we people vacate our homes when there’s a flood or an earthquake- it’s the same with these insects. Life is very dear to one and all. Isn’t it? These insects come running out of their homes to save their lives least realising that they might  lose it in the bargain.

Just take the example of the tiny creatures ants.  After the winters they start coming out in hordes in search of things that could be transported home. Have you ever seen an ant sitting and eating whatever it gets? Never! We always see it carrying it to a certain destination- a crack in the wall or slit in the wooden window and after depositing the item carried we see it coming out of the hole hurriedly and going in search of another carry home item. In this journey from home to work and vice versa thousands of them get killed. Who likes ants tasting the food items even before it makes it to the stomach of people it’s meant to. It’s so difficult to remove  ants from the food stuff they have got into. So, as soon as we see ants roaming around on the kitchen counter or wherever they are not supposed to be seen, we just sweep them off from there or just pour water so that they run away. I know it’s cold blooded murder but then who wants ants in their food . Probably non vegetarians don’t mind but vegetarians do 🙂 🙂 The disciplined march of ants and the way a group of ants transport the bodies of dead insects bigger than themselves is commendable. They are smart enough to take part by part if it’s too big like a leg or some other part one by one and thus, the whole thing goes in without much difficulty.

All these insects keep coming in the way of humans knowing very well that they are not welcome in their world. Cockroaches think they are very smart and try to come out mostly in the night. The moment a cockroach is seen the first thought  that crosses anybody’s  mind is to hit it with a sandal or broom. Sorry to sound like Hitler but that’s what everybody does. Though accomplishing this is a little difficult because cockroaches just run so fast and hide in such corners that one is left gasping for breath after following it here and there. Same is with the crickets. Usually they are not seen but keep singing so loudly and frequently. Crickets are supposed to be the ‘star singers’ of the insect world 🙂 At first one wants to ignore it’s singing knowing well that they would be hiding in such a place where they can’t be reached. Though not in a mood to commit a murder one can’t help getting to the act because of the persistent screeching.  At that crucial time one single cricket would dare to come out of it’s hiding only to meet it’s end. Some crickets fight it out like valiant soldiers by jumping up again and again frantically. Sometimes while jumping they hit the face of the man ready to kill them or sit on his body which irritates him further. Spiders are the most dreaded among all these insects because their urine and poisonous saliva are believed to cause skin problems and infection. Though the experts are of the opinion that this is nothing but a myth and that no infection is caused by the spiders. Still the spiders are killed as soon as they are located mainly because the webs hanging in the house don’t give a good opinion about the people of the house.

The most stupid of all insects are the mosquitoes, flies and moths I think. Just observe a mosquito or a fly closely. It’ll come near you and you shoo it away and the dumb thing will come to you again. It does so repeatedly without taking the hint. So what’s wrong if one gets fed up and silences it? After all everyone’s scared of dengue, malaria and other diseases these dreaded insects gift us with. People who are trying to sleep in a mosquito infested room are heard clapping all night if they are not smart enough to use repellents to chase them away.  The new mosquito killing swatter/racket invented by the great Chinese is the ultimate. It kills them by subjecting them to electric shocks and one can hear the sound chut- chut- chut -chut at least seven to eight times before the poor thing breathes it’s last. When I first saw it at my friend Suma’s place, I felt awful seeing the mosquito die of electric shock and the sound added more to the drama.  Later, I bought one as there were too many mosquitoes owing to the greenery around.  I was hesitant to use it and let my husband do the dirty job. But then, human beings quickly get used to anything and everything in this world and now I handle the swatter better. I do cringe every time a mosquito gets trapped and the crackling sound starts.

A moth is known for its adamant nature of going near the fire in spite of the fact that that it’ll burn and die. There’s a beautiful Kishore Kumar song which talks about the shama aur parwana i.e. about the moth and the flame in the song pyaar diwana hota hai.

All these creatures meet their end because of their intervention in our lives but one does feel bad for them. Sometimes I end up saying sorry to the deceased insect, if I’ve killed it because I genuinely feel sorry. I think about their family members and their grief on discovering the dead body. But then, it’s also true that I cannot live with them. I’m happy that I’m not the only merciless murderer around and I’m better than those who kill rats and lizards without a batting an eyelid.  At the end of it I’ve to admit that all of us are murderers, some big time and some like us, but murderers after all!!

01 July 2014

Today’s newspaper, to my utter surprise said that a woman in the U S has been arrested for trying to kill a spider!!!
I got a little scared because here I was, writing about killing so many insects and there in the U S a woman is being punished for trying to kill a single spider?? Later, when I read the full article I heaved a sigh of relief. The woman was arrested because she tried to kill it with fire and the firefighters had to be called in to extinguish the blaze. She was arrested mainly because there were people living in the other half of the house who could have got hurt in the fire because of her stupidity and recklessness. She would be an actual merciless murderer if something unfortunate had happened!

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The Awkward Silence

Meeting people, talking to them, exchanging gossip about all possible things comes easily to most of us without trying hard. May be because it’s all routine where one doesn’t have to think too much before speaking. When a group of ladies meet they are mostly seen discussing their children, movies, TV serials, clothes and not to forget, recipes. Men are often seen talking about sports, politics and work related topics.. Women have a bad reputation of being very talkative but let me tell you that after sometime most women sit quietly waiting to get up and go home but the men don’t seem to stop talking. They talk tirelessly standing all the time. This is true about most fauji parties – ladies are sitting and officers are seen standing and talking. Even after 29 years of attending these parties regularly I fail to understand why they prefer standing throughout the party.

What I want to say is that when we don’t have to plan what to talk we can go on and on. But there are some occasions when even the most talkative people become tongue tied. At such times people are at a loss of words wondering what to say to the person in front. That moment, that silence is the most awkward for both the people.

When we hear that a friend or a known person has lost a dear one the first thought is to rush and meet the bereaved person to offer condolences.  But I’ve often heard people confessing that they don’t know what to say in such  situations. So, most people stand in silence watching the grief stricken person they’ve come to meet. I think people feel comfortable in giving a tight hug to the person which conveys everything better than words can. On a second thought I feel sometimes silence is better even if it is awkward because if there are people who don’t know what to say, there are also people who don’t stop once they open their mouth. I’ve seen some people talking so much about the dead person ( be it good things ) that it makes the person who is already grieving even more sad. No amount of good words or philosophy helps here.

Also, when somebody is in the hospital with some serious illness people come in large numbers to look them up. They come with good intention and definitely want to say a few encouraging words to keep the morale of the patient up. But sometimes on seeing the condition of the patient they get lost for words.  Some months back  my mother was in the hospital owing to a stroke who is recovering at home now. During that time I saw a number of people coming and just standing there, not knowing what to say. My mother would be looking at them but they would just stand awkwardly. Not able to bear the disgusting silence I used to start a conversation and  saw that it made them feel better. But some people who didn’t have any problem conversing would keep asking so many questions as to how did it happen and what is the doctor saying, all major and minor details right in front of the patient. Insensitive people!

Third most awkward silence occurs when one has to indulge in formal conversations. Spontaneous conversation is always enjoyable but formal ones are not. There are always lull periods in such conversations which become embarrassing. Such things usually happen when one is stuck with a senior person (not age wise but otherwise) one is not familiar with.

The silence between a husband and wife after a fight or a harsh argument is the worst. It may be short lived or a little long one but totally unbearable. It’s irritating and both the parties wait for the other to break the gruelling silence, not wanting to do it themselves. So, one wants to talk but doesn’t, owing to ego problem or ‘why should be the one doing it always’ syndrome. Living under the same roof and not talking to each other is really difficult and the most awful thing to endure.

The art of conversation and the art of saying the right things at right time is not everybody’s cup of tea. Some people are born with the gift of gab and some are not. Silence, sometimes is more welcome than words uttered without any sense. At such times awkward silence also becomes the most solicited one. Don’t we all at some point or the other say, “Oh, why doesn’t she just shut up?’ about somebody who’s going on and on? Unwanted blabbering is worse than awkward silence.


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Crime, Crime Patrol And The Police

According to a news clip, a thief who stole some jewellery from a shop in London from right under the nose of the shopkeeper and  managed to leave without being caught, is far from celebrating his successful venture. The reason? He was reckless enough to leave his cell phone behind, that too, a phone that was flaunting his own photo as the screen saver.

In Kannada there’s a saying which goes something like this- kallana hendati endidru mundane – meaning, a thief’s wife is bound to be a widow someday. Let’s not take it literally. It generally means that a criminal’s wife cannot be happy or that she cannot expect him to be next to her always. It’s obvious that some day or the other a criminal is bound to get caught despite a carefully planned act.

If you are an Agatha Christie or Arthur Conan Doyle fan you will agree with me  in the above said thing. Their Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes always managed to catch on to the most surprising, minute and unsuspected clue to catch the culprits. We commoners would just keep guessing this one or that one to be the villain only to let out a Oh! No on reading the actual name. As a child I had read hundreds of Kannada detective novels written by N Narasimhaiah and later, some of the works of  Telugu writer Yandamury Virendranath, translated to kannada. For my age at that time Narasimhiah was the best detective writer and I really enjoyed reading his books. He’s supposed to have written over 500 detective novels in kannada and very rightly called the father of  Kannada detective novels. Later when I grew up a little and read Yandamury, Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie I discovered a whole new world. Whether it was Narasimhaiah or Doyle or Agatha, all of them made it clear to us that however smart or intelligent the criminal may be,  he always leaves a trail behind, of course detectable only by them and not you and me  🙂 In fact my daughter Chaitra calls me Sherlock Holmes because she thinks that nothing can escape my eyes, not even the minutest of details 🙂  She doesn’t know all mothers are Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirots when it comes to their children 🙂

This was about our school days when we didn’t have something called Television to eat into our play time and reading time. As TV came invading our lives and drawing rooms the reading habit has gone with the wind and when we talk of theft, murder or any crime in the Indian context today, the first thing that comes our mind is TV serial. No, no, not CID. Sorry, I’m not a fan of CID. I find it very childish and comical. What I’m talking about are serials like Crime Patrol and Savdhan India.  These two show stories which sometimes are really unbelievable that we have to remind ourselves that these are based on real life incidents in which the culprits are already behind the bars. Some people say that they don’t watch these because if they start watching them, then they will start suspecting each and everybody. But I say that it’s better to be in know of what’s happening outside the safety of the four walls of our house because ignorance is not always bliss. Danger can come from any direction or corner, in any form or disguise. So, why not be mentally prepared at least?

Hats off to these programmes people are now aware what kind of human beings are living in this world. Also these serials have been a kind of eye openers when it comes to the Police force. We always keep cribbing the police are useless, that they do not act on anything. Our movies have spoilt the image of police by showing them arriving only after the hero has beaten the villain and his group black and blue and rescued his heroine along with his mother 🙂 What nonsense! There are good and bad, useful and useless people in all professions and the police force is no exception. So, leave the bad police aside and look at what the good police is doing- is what I learnt after watching these crime based serials. Here, it’s really surprising to see how much of hard work the police does to solve crime mysteries, without leaving anything to doubt. Tracing phone call records, tracking them, crossing state borders in pursuit if criminals, the sincere khabaris, enquiring in the neighbourhood and talking to the relatives etc. Sometimes they have to face threats from politicians and influential rich people who are involved in the crime, directly or indirectly. I must say I’m very impressed.

In a country like India with its huge population crimes are bound to happen. The kind of crimes that I see on these programmes are spine chilling and horrifying. The worst thing is that they are all true stories. The dramatization is done beautifully and believably. It deals with different types of crimes – theft, robbery, fraud, kidnapping, murders, failed love affairs, extra marital affairs, property disputes… the list can go on and on endlessly. The actors, most of them, look like real police officers in their uniforms and mannerisms. Here, you will not find any police officer with his shirt buttons open, like they show in movies. They all look smart and crisp like true police officers specially the Crime Patrol ones. To top it all the anchors Anup Soni of Sony TV and Sushant Singh of Life OK are doing a very good job.

Last week they showed the repeat telecast of 16th December gang rape case on Sony TV and tears rolled down my eyes as I watched it. As we watch more and more of these serials, they not only makes our hearts bleed but  there is a lot to learn from each and every one of them. When the lesson learnt is good there’s no harm in it. But some bad elements of the society may take wrong lessons and inspirations which is unfortunate. The aim of Crime Patrol And Savdhan India is to alert and educate us on all possible crimes. If it happens the other way they are not responsible for that. After all, it’s up to one’s own self what one wants to absorb from the given lesson- to be a good citizen and be happy or be a criminal, leave behind some or the  other trail and end up behind the bars because getting caught is for sure, sooner or later. Make the right choice because as you sow, so shall you reap.  Never hold others responsible for it.

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What Is Intelligence Without Wisdom?

This time the Indian Election scene was no different than a Bollywood masala movie. There were self proclaimed heroes, heroines and villains who were at loggerheads with each other. Accusations and counter accusations and lot of mud slinging happened all throughout, till the elections got over.The results were announced on 16th as the nation waited in front of TV sets with a baited breath, though even a child knew what would be the outcome. Everything happened as it was expected to happen and everybody is rejoicing BJP’s clean sweep of the polls.

People of India were disgusted with scam ridden Congress governance –  a foreigner running our country, her immature son and the so efficient and well read Manmohan Singh being ineffective and reduced to a puppet. They were desperate for a change and change happened in the form of Modi.  Admiring the good work done by him in Gujarat people wanted such work in all the states of India. Now Modi will be under severe pressure to perform and deliver whatever is expected of him. I only hope he’ll not crush under the huge burden of the country’s hope and expectations. What people have to keep in mind is that no change or good will happen overnight. So, they need to be patient, understanding and reasonable enough to give Modi sufficient time to prove his worth. More than anything what needs to change is peoples’ attitude and mind set towards everything. Each citizen needs to understand and execute his duty properly so that the government can function smoothly.

In this election the worst happened to Aam Aadmi Party… from being the most hailed party to the rejected status now. Their party symbol, the broom which was meant to sweep off corruption in the country did a boomerang and in the bargain they got swept away like dust on the floor. I feel Kejriwal himself is to be blamed for this. When he was first seen on a public platform people had a lot of respect for him, he being an IIT graduate. The fact that he was seen under the chatrachaya of Anna Hazare and later ditched him to form a political party, went against him. Who had heard of Kejriwal before he was seen with Anna? Anna had always said that he doesn’t want to be a part of  politics and his favourite chela did exactly that leaving Anna red faced. Since people were looking for a change  they voted for AAP and Kejriwal became the Chief Minister of Delhi. His biggest mistake was joining hands with the congress which left people open mouthed. Here was a person who was bringing out details of corruptions in the congress party and later went on to join the same party , seeing the carrot hanging in front of him. All big talks, morals and values vanished in thin air when it came to acquiring power.  Kejriwal being Kejriwal, the most confused man in today’s politics, promised so many things which he realized were too difficult to implement, only after he became the CM. But, had he stuck on and continued and done a few good things, he would not be in the position that he is in today. If he wanted to clean the system as he was claiming all the time, he should have stayed in the system and done it. How can you do it when you are powerless? When you have power in hand you can use it to do good for the society and eliminate bad at the same time. But all he did was to resign in a haste and leave all those who had voted for him, nowhere. So people got angry and used his own symbol, the broom, to teach him a lesson in politics 🙂  Now it’ll take a tremendous effort for The AAP to resurface after biting the dust so badly.

So, my heartiest congratulations and all the best to Modi and his people. Hope they will do what is expected of them. A small advice to Kejri Bhai.. you are an intelligent person but intelligence without wisdom is like a well without water. So, watch Modi for a term, learn how to run a government and come back as a better politician and a wise man. May be you will become the next big politician our country would be proud of.

21 May 2014

Lo and behold! Kejriwal the confused soul has done it again! Today the AAP chief was sent to judicial custody in connection with the Gadkari defamation case, for refusing to pay bail bond and opting to go to jail instead. Obviously this is seen as a publicity stunt by others, to attract the attention of people. He was seen apologising to the people of Delhi for his resignation saying that it was misinterpreted by all. Does he think that this is the last resort- ek akhri dav khelke dekh leta hu??







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