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Crime, Crime Patrol And The Police

According to a news clip, a thief who stole some jewellery from a shop in London from right under the nose of the shopkeeper and  managed to leave without being caught, is far from celebrating his successful venture. The reason? He was reckless enough to leave his cell phone behind, that too, a phone that was flaunting his own photo as the screen saver.

In Kannada there’s a saying which goes something like this- kallana hendati endidru mundane – meaning, a thief’s wife is bound to be a widow someday. Let’s not take it literally. It generally means that a criminal’s wife cannot be happy or that she cannot expect him to be next to her always. It’s obvious that some day or the other a criminal is bound to get caught despite a carefully planned act.

If you are an Agatha Christie or Arthur Conan Doyle fan you will agree with me  in the above said thing. Their Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes always managed to catch on to the most surprising, minute and unsuspected clue to catch the culprits. We commoners would just keep guessing this one or that one to be the villain only to let out a Oh! No on reading the actual name. As a child I had read hundreds of Kannada detective novels written by N Narasimhaiah and later, some of the works of  Telugu writer Yandamury Virendranath, translated to kannada. For my age at that time Narasimhiah was the best detective writer and I really enjoyed reading his books. He’s supposed to have written over 500 detective novels in kannada and very rightly called the father of  Kannada detective novels. Later when I grew up a little and read Yandamury, Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie I discovered a whole new world. Whether it was Narasimhaiah or Doyle or Agatha, all of them made it clear to us that however smart or intelligent the criminal may be,  he always leaves a trail behind, of course detectable only by them and not you and me  🙂 In fact my daughter Chaitra calls me Sherlock Holmes because she thinks that nothing can escape my eyes, not even the minutest of details 🙂  She doesn’t know all mothers are Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirots when it comes to their children 🙂

This was about our school days when we didn’t have something called Television to eat into our play time and reading time. As TV came invading our lives and drawing rooms the reading habit has gone with the wind and when we talk of theft, murder or any crime in the Indian context today, the first thing that comes our mind is TV serial. No, no, not CID. Sorry, I’m not a fan of CID. I find it very childish and comical. What I’m talking about are serials like Crime Patrol and Savdhan India.  These two show stories which sometimes are really unbelievable that we have to remind ourselves that these are based on real life incidents in which the culprits are already behind the bars. Some people say that they don’t watch these because if they start watching them, then they will start suspecting each and everybody. But I say that it’s better to be in know of what’s happening outside the safety of the four walls of our house because ignorance is not always bliss. Danger can come from any direction or corner, in any form or disguise. So, why not be mentally prepared at least?

Hats off to these programmes people are now aware what kind of human beings are living in this world. Also these serials have been a kind of eye openers when it comes to the Police force. We always keep cribbing the police are useless, that they do not act on anything. Our movies have spoilt the image of police by showing them arriving only after the hero has beaten the villain and his group black and blue and rescued his heroine along with his mother 🙂 What nonsense! There are good and bad, useful and useless people in all professions and the police force is no exception. So, leave the bad police aside and look at what the good police is doing- is what I learnt after watching these crime based serials. Here, it’s really surprising to see how much of hard work the police does to solve crime mysteries, without leaving anything to doubt. Tracing phone call records, tracking them, crossing state borders in pursuit if criminals, the sincere khabaris, enquiring in the neighbourhood and talking to the relatives etc. Sometimes they have to face threats from politicians and influential rich people who are involved in the crime, directly or indirectly. I must say I’m very impressed.

In a country like India with its huge population crimes are bound to happen. The kind of crimes that I see on these programmes are spine chilling and horrifying. The worst thing is that they are all true stories. The dramatization is done beautifully and believably. It deals with different types of crimes – theft, robbery, fraud, kidnapping, murders, failed love affairs, extra marital affairs, property disputes… the list can go on and on endlessly. The actors, most of them, look like real police officers in their uniforms and mannerisms. Here, you will not find any police officer with his shirt buttons open, like they show in movies. They all look smart and crisp like true police officers specially the Crime Patrol ones. To top it all the anchors Anup Soni of Sony TV and Sushant Singh of Life OK are doing a very good job.

Last week they showed the repeat telecast of 16th December gang rape case on Sony TV and tears rolled down my eyes as I watched it. As we watch more and more of these serials, they not only makes our hearts bleed but  there is a lot to learn from each and every one of them. When the lesson learnt is good there’s no harm in it. But some bad elements of the society may take wrong lessons and inspirations which is unfortunate. The aim of Crime Patrol And Savdhan India is to alert and educate us on all possible crimes. If it happens the other way they are not responsible for that. After all, it’s up to one’s own self what one wants to absorb from the given lesson- to be a good citizen and be happy or be a criminal, leave behind some or the  other trail and end up behind the bars because getting caught is for sure, sooner or later. Make the right choice because as you sow, so shall you reap.  Never hold others responsible for it.


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