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What Is Intelligence Without Wisdom?

This time the Indian Election scene was no different than a Bollywood masala movie. There were self proclaimed heroes, heroines and villains who were at loggerheads with each other. Accusations and counter accusations and lot of mud slinging happened all throughout, till the elections got over.The results were announced on 16th as the nation waited in front of TV sets with a baited breath, though even a child knew what would be the outcome. Everything happened as it was expected to happen and everybody is rejoicing BJP’s clean sweep of the polls.

People of India were disgusted with scam ridden Congress governance –  a foreigner running our country, her immature son and the so efficient and well read Manmohan Singh being ineffective and reduced to a puppet. They were desperate for a change and change happened in the form of Modi.  Admiring the good work done by him in Gujarat people wanted such work in all the states of India. Now Modi will be under severe pressure to perform and deliver whatever is expected of him. I only hope he’ll not crush under the huge burden of the country’s hope and expectations. What people have to keep in mind is that no change or good will happen overnight. So, they need to be patient, understanding and reasonable enough to give Modi sufficient time to prove his worth. More than anything what needs to change is peoples’ attitude and mind set towards everything. Each citizen needs to understand and execute his duty properly so that the government can function smoothly.

In this election the worst happened to Aam Aadmi Party… from being the most hailed party to the rejected status now. Their party symbol, the broom which was meant to sweep off corruption in the country did a boomerang and in the bargain they got swept away like dust on the floor. I feel Kejriwal himself is to be blamed for this. When he was first seen on a public platform people had a lot of respect for him, he being an IIT graduate. The fact that he was seen under the chatrachaya of Anna Hazare and later ditched him to form a political party, went against him. Who had heard of Kejriwal before he was seen with Anna? Anna had always said that he doesn’t want to be a part of  politics and his favourite chela did exactly that leaving Anna red faced. Since people were looking for a change  they voted for AAP and Kejriwal became the Chief Minister of Delhi. His biggest mistake was joining hands with the congress which left people open mouthed. Here was a person who was bringing out details of corruptions in the congress party and later went on to join the same party , seeing the carrot hanging in front of him. All big talks, morals and values vanished in thin air when it came to acquiring power.  Kejriwal being Kejriwal, the most confused man in today’s politics, promised so many things which he realized were too difficult to implement, only after he became the CM. But, had he stuck on and continued and done a few good things, he would not be in the position that he is in today. If he wanted to clean the system as he was claiming all the time, he should have stayed in the system and done it. How can you do it when you are powerless? When you have power in hand you can use it to do good for the society and eliminate bad at the same time. But all he did was to resign in a haste and leave all those who had voted for him, nowhere. So people got angry and used his own symbol, the broom, to teach him a lesson in politics 🙂  Now it’ll take a tremendous effort for The AAP to resurface after biting the dust so badly.

So, my heartiest congratulations and all the best to Modi and his people. Hope they will do what is expected of them. A small advice to Kejri Bhai.. you are an intelligent person but intelligence without wisdom is like a well without water. So, watch Modi for a term, learn how to run a government and come back as a better politician and a wise man. May be you will become the next big politician our country would be proud of.

21 May 2014

Lo and behold! Kejriwal the confused soul has done it again! Today the AAP chief was sent to judicial custody in connection with the Gadkari defamation case, for refusing to pay bail bond and opting to go to jail instead. Obviously this is seen as a publicity stunt by others, to attract the attention of people. He was seen apologising to the people of Delhi for his resignation saying that it was misinterpreted by all. Does he think that this is the last resort- ek akhri dav khelke dekh leta hu??








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Is Duniya Mein Sab Chor Hai

There are all kinds of thieves in this world. Some are super thieves and and some, small timers. Some people like politicians do it openly with an ‘ I care two hoots of what you think about me’ attitude and some, stealthily, in what is called ‘under the table’ operations, and some more, on a day today basis, like  people who pick pockets and chain snatchers wanting to earn quick bucks.

In Hindi there’s a song from the film Bhai Bhai which goes something like this —Is duniya mein sab chor hai, koyi paisa chor, koyi murgi chor aur koyi dil ka chor…etc.  It means – in this world everybody is a thief, some steal money   where as some steal hens and some, hearts! The song goes on listing many more kind of thieves 🙂 Whoever has written the lyrics must have taken inspiration from his ados-pados ( neighbourhood) because it’s a fact that everybody is a thief in his own way 🙂

In Pune, a few weeks back a person was killed and another, seriously injured while trying to catch two thieves.  The thieves were trying to take away the pigeons that were holed up in their cozy coop, bred by the person who was stabbed and killed. Ganesh and his brothers had a coop next to their small house with about 150 pigeons in it, because of which all this happened.

Pigeon breeding is believed to be a common practice in Pune, particularly in slums and low income communities. People breeding pigeons are said to sell a pair for Rs 500-1000.  I’ve no idea as to why people buy them or why they are ready to murder another human being for it. I’ve heard and read in books that pigeon meat is very delicious and  some people who are in the Tantra-mantra business (black magic sort of thing) use pigeon blood for various purposes. (not first hand information, only hearsay)  Ancient Egyptian texts are believed to have proof of pigeons being eaten as well as being offered as religious sacrifices. They were a favoured bird of the Romans. Pigeon keeping was often said to be a luxury of the rich and noble, particularly in France, where the birds of the wealthy landlords had the privilege of feeding on the commoners fields.

My daughter was living in an apartment in Pune, during her  ‘ Teach For India’ days. There, I had the opportunity to study pigeons and their owners. Next to our multi-storied building was a colony of Group D employees. From my kitchen window I could see all the activities going on in that colony.  When we were new there I never used to understand why so much whistling or different kinds of hooting and shouting sounds came from the colony. I used to think that these were ill mannered people, unnecessarily making those sounds to irritate others. How wrong I was! Slowly and gradually I understood what was it all about.

There was a person who had around 20 pigeons in a small coop. This man used to open the door of the coop around 10 in the morning to let the pigeons out for fresh air. The pigeons would fly away happily but not very far. They used to be somewhere around that place. After about an hour, the owner would start calling them back by whistling and shouting in two-three different ways. To my utter surprise the pigeons would start coming back, one by one and would be circling above the coop till all of them returned. After this, the owner would whistle in a low sound and the pigeons would come down to enter the coop!  They were so disciplined!  But we all know that every rule has an exception. Here also, there were two pigeons, naughty ones, who would not come down with the others. They would go and sit on the tiled roof and not budge from there, ignoring all the requests from their master. Finally, after a lot of coaxing they would join their team and the owner would immediately lock the door. There would not be a wee bit of change in this routine on any day.

This was a nice time pass for me as I chopped vegetables and cooked food looking out of the window.  It took me almost 15 days to understand this daily drill of pigeons and their owner. The way the last two pigeons troubled their owner and the owner coaxing and cajoling them was the real entertaining part. It was also amazing to see how they responded to their master’s whistles coming back immediately. Watching this daily, I got so addicted to this activity that I did not want to miss it even a single day as long as I stayed with my daughter.  Last year she vacated that house to move into another house. When I went to her this time,  my memories of those pigeons next to our old house came flooding back, as I read the sad news of a coop owner’s murder by the pigeon thieves. No doubt, there are all kinds of thieves in this world.


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Our Petty Politicians

Politicians and celebrities are always in the public eye. Both of them have to think twice before they utter anything because the ever alert media is wanting to grab something that makes sensational news. This is why, they both are always acting. I mean they are always pretending to be what they are not. 🙂 Inspite of their best foot forward, sometimes they end up making statements that leave us surprised, shocked, terrified, irritated, frustrated and whatnot!! After reading some of these statements, one is left gaping with a wide open mouth, thinking aloud ‘How could they?.’ Some very brash and brazen statements have made people sit up and take notice, making them not famous but very infamous.

1.Long back,Late Marri Chenne Reddy had the courage (audacity?) to say “if Madam Gandhi asks me to collect a crore of rupees towards party funds, I’m not a fool to collect that much only.” Corruption at its bravest and honest best,I think.

2.Not very recent, but who can forget the “cattle class” statement by the very sophesticated Shashi Tharoor, putting animals and humans on the same level, insulting both?

3.The much hyped future P M from BJP, Narendra Modi crossed his limits by calling Sunanda Tharoor, “the fifty crore girl friend”. Coming out from a staunch bachelor, it sounds like a case of sour grapes 🙂   On a serious note, as long as men don’t learn to respect women, they will not get respect from anybody.

4.The month of January saw too much of it, what with Mamta didi asking the media if she should go and beat up the PM!!  No regards for the position nor age of the PM. Anyway, ever since we’ve known her, Mamta has been famous for two things– her rude talk and her heavily accented English. Its a diifferent matter altogether that except for Dr Man Moun Singh everybody is reacting sharply to this. 🙂

5.Our Home minister Mr Sushilkumar Shinde displayed a very irresponsible attitude when he said, “BJP and RSS have training camps which promote Hindu Terrorism.” Such a baseless statement by a cabinet minister without facts and figures to support it, suggests that he’s only trying to please his bosses by saying such things about the Opposition Party. What else could it be?

6.And then, Mr Gadkari, throwing all caution to wind tried threatening the IT officials (in a typical Gabbar style-yeh dushmani tujhe mehengi padegi Thakur)- He sais, ” IT walo Kaha jaoge baad me, na Sonia rahegi na Chidambaram, bachane ke liye.” Its really hard to believe that an active politician can stoop so low and threaten people like a local goon.

7.When we are talking of threats can anybody forget how our Law minister(?) Salman Khurshid threatened (hindi me iske liye right word hai-lalkarna) Arvind Kejriwal that ‘if he comes to Farrukhabad we’ll see how’ll he go back’.  He also said that he had been wielding a pen till so far and that now, is the time to replace it with blood! Law minister giving out war cries!!

8.The most recent, stupid, rash statement came from a Samajwadi Party minister from U P, Mohammed Azan Khan. He blabbered in a speech “I would’ve led the frenzied crowds had they decided to bring down the Taj Mahal.” He was referring to the crowd that demolished the Babri Masjid. This is because the honourable minister thinks that building the Taj was a criminal waste of public funds by Shah Jahan! (??)  God, why’s he talking of wastage of funds of 17th century when, in today’s context, there are innumerable people using public fund( in his own party also) as though its their own -a Robert Vadra, the Chautala father and son duo, a Mayawati madam, Lalu and Mulayam Yadavs etc etc have amassed crores and crores of rupees bypassing rules and regulations. Is that not a wastage of public funds? More than anything, how could anyone even think of razing THE TAJ MAHAL, one of the wonders of the world, a world heritage sight visited and admired by millions of people from all over the world?

When I read about these politicians and many more like them in the newspapers and see them shouting and mud slinging at each other on the news channels( on supposed to be Debate Hour)-I don’t think of them as fools-I think We, The People- who voted and elected them -are the Biggest Fools, obviously, because we’ve made a wrong choice.


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