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Merciless Murders

The rainy season is in and with it, thousands of insects of all kind are coming out of the earth. Obviously rain water is not letting them stay in their cozy homes peacefully. How we people vacate our homes when there’s a flood or an earthquake- it’s the same with these insects. Life is very dear to one and all. Isn’t it? These insects come running out of their homes to save their lives least realising that they might  lose it in the bargain.

Just take the example of the tiny creatures ants.  After the winters they start coming out in hordes in search of things that could be transported home. Have you ever seen an ant sitting and eating whatever it gets? Never! We always see it carrying it to a certain destination- a crack in the wall or slit in the wooden window and after depositing the item carried we see it coming out of the hole hurriedly and going in search of another carry home item. In this journey from home to work and vice versa thousands of them get killed. Who likes ants tasting the food items even before it makes it to the stomach of people it’s meant to. It’s so difficult to remove  ants from the food stuff they have got into. So, as soon as we see ants roaming around on the kitchen counter or wherever they are not supposed to be seen, we just sweep them off from there or just pour water so that they run away. I know it’s cold blooded murder but then who wants ants in their food . Probably non vegetarians don’t mind but vegetarians do 🙂 🙂 The disciplined march of ants and the way a group of ants transport the bodies of dead insects bigger than themselves is commendable. They are smart enough to take part by part if it’s too big like a leg or some other part one by one and thus, the whole thing goes in without much difficulty.

All these insects keep coming in the way of humans knowing very well that they are not welcome in their world. Cockroaches think they are very smart and try to come out mostly in the night. The moment a cockroach is seen the first thought  that crosses anybody’s  mind is to hit it with a sandal or broom. Sorry to sound like Hitler but that’s what everybody does. Though accomplishing this is a little difficult because cockroaches just run so fast and hide in such corners that one is left gasping for breath after following it here and there. Same is with the crickets. Usually they are not seen but keep singing so loudly and frequently. Crickets are supposed to be the ‘star singers’ of the insect world 🙂 At first one wants to ignore it’s singing knowing well that they would be hiding in such a place where they can’t be reached. Though not in a mood to commit a murder one can’t help getting to the act because of the persistent screeching.  At that crucial time one single cricket would dare to come out of it’s hiding only to meet it’s end. Some crickets fight it out like valiant soldiers by jumping up again and again frantically. Sometimes while jumping they hit the face of the man ready to kill them or sit on his body which irritates him further. Spiders are the most dreaded among all these insects because their urine and poisonous saliva are believed to cause skin problems and infection. Though the experts are of the opinion that this is nothing but a myth and that no infection is caused by the spiders. Still the spiders are killed as soon as they are located mainly because the webs hanging in the house don’t give a good opinion about the people of the house.

The most stupid of all insects are the mosquitoes, flies and moths I think. Just observe a mosquito or a fly closely. It’ll come near you and you shoo it away and the dumb thing will come to you again. It does so repeatedly without taking the hint. So what’s wrong if one gets fed up and silences it? After all everyone’s scared of dengue, malaria and other diseases these dreaded insects gift us with. People who are trying to sleep in a mosquito infested room are heard clapping all night if they are not smart enough to use repellents to chase them away.  The new mosquito killing swatter/racket invented by the great Chinese is the ultimate. It kills them by subjecting them to electric shocks and one can hear the sound chut- chut- chut -chut at least seven to eight times before the poor thing breathes it’s last. When I first saw it at my friend Suma’s place, I felt awful seeing the mosquito die of electric shock and the sound added more to the drama.  Later, I bought one as there were too many mosquitoes owing to the greenery around.  I was hesitant to use it and let my husband do the dirty job. But then, human beings quickly get used to anything and everything in this world and now I handle the swatter better. I do cringe every time a mosquito gets trapped and the crackling sound starts.

A moth is known for its adamant nature of going near the fire in spite of the fact that that it’ll burn and die. There’s a beautiful Kishore Kumar song which talks about the shama aur parwana i.e. about the moth and the flame in the song pyaar diwana hota hai.

All these creatures meet their end because of their intervention in our lives but one does feel bad for them. Sometimes I end up saying sorry to the deceased insect, if I’ve killed it because I genuinely feel sorry. I think about their family members and their grief on discovering the dead body. But then, it’s also true that I cannot live with them. I’m happy that I’m not the only merciless murderer around and I’m better than those who kill rats and lizards without a batting an eyelid.  At the end of it I’ve to admit that all of us are murderers, some big time and some like us, but murderers after all!!

01 July 2014

Today’s newspaper, to my utter surprise said that a woman in the U S has been arrested for trying to kill a spider!!!
I got a little scared because here I was, writing about killing so many insects and there in the U S a woman is being punished for trying to kill a single spider?? Later, when I read the full article I heaved a sigh of relief. The woman was arrested because she tried to kill it with fire and the firefighters had to be called in to extinguish the blaze. She was arrested mainly because there were people living in the other half of the house who could have got hurt in the fire because of her stupidity and recklessness. She would be an actual merciless murderer if something unfortunate had happened!


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