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Mall Mania

Ever since these MALLS have come into being, we housewives love to go there, for less of shopping and more of window shopping. The newspapers play a crucial part in dragging us there because their full-page advertisement tells you about things being given away at raddi ka bhav [incidentally these malls buy raddi also!]. How on earth can you resist such offers and how long? So, sooner or later all of us become regular visitors to these malls. I am always amazed at the way people throng these malls as though things are being given away for free.

After I became a regular visitor myself I understood the reason behind this MALL MANIA. The best part of going to a mall is that even when you are 100% sure that you don’t want to buy anything, you can just walk in confidently. Nobody’s going to stop you. You’ve absolute freedom to stop at each and every item on display, take it in your hand, check all the details and then…..just keep it back to where it belongs! After looking at all the things available ( depending on your stamina) you can just walk out without buying a single thing! Isn’t that amazing? Remember the good old days? Going to a shop for something and not finding what you want, feeling embarrassed as to how to leave without buying anything and then just out of guilt ending up buying something which you are not sure you want…..coming out of a shop with a new purchase and not happy about it, is a horrible feeling. Aren’t malls great where you don’t have to empty your pocket if you think that a certain thing is not worth it. Buy a thing “ because I’m worth it” in Aishwarya Rai style. It’s a feeling of complete freedom.

Even more liberating is the ‘ no haggling’ part of malls. I think all of us felt good shopping in a fixed price shop earlier also.  If a shop owner reduces the price on your request/demand  you are bound to think how much could be his margin. Over and above one never feels good after the bargaining act. You always feel cheated. At a mall no bargain, no haggling.  If you want to buy something buy it or else chalte bano.

Sone pe suhaga to tab hai when the mall announces its sale time and the free gifts that come with it. During the sale time, the crowd increase so much that its difficult to believe that  our country has mostly poor and middle class people. The idea is, when you are getting something free why  let go of the opportunity? See, after sometime if the free thing goes kaput, you don’t have to worry much…. free ka  tha  na, paise thodi diye the, jaane do! Anything that’s free is always welcome whatever be its durability.

For the younger generation too it’s a great time pass as they can roam around, eat and shop in the A C environment which they’ve got accustomed to, working in M N Cs  and posh offices. When you can get everything you want under one roof without getting tired, why not? The variety that one gets to choose from is also an added attraction.

Kya itne reasons enough nahi hai to go to your neighbourhood mall? Chalo  bhago, Big Bazar has announced its sale from today!


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