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What Is Intelligence Without Wisdom?

This time the Indian Election scene was no different than a Bollywood masala movie. There were self proclaimed heroes, heroines and villains who were at loggerheads with each other. Accusations and counter accusations and lot of mud slinging happened all throughout, till the elections got over.The results were announced on 16th as the nation waited in front of TV sets with a baited breath, though even a child knew what would be the outcome. Everything happened as it was expected to happen and everybody is rejoicing BJP’s clean sweep of the polls.

People of India were disgusted with scam ridden Congress governance –  a foreigner running our country, her immature son and the so efficient and well read Manmohan Singh being ineffective and reduced to a puppet. They were desperate for a change and change happened in the form of Modi.  Admiring the good work done by him in Gujarat people wanted such work in all the states of India. Now Modi will be under severe pressure to perform and deliver whatever is expected of him. I only hope he’ll not crush under the huge burden of the country’s hope and expectations. What people have to keep in mind is that no change or good will happen overnight. So, they need to be patient, understanding and reasonable enough to give Modi sufficient time to prove his worth. More than anything what needs to change is peoples’ attitude and mind set towards everything. Each citizen needs to understand and execute his duty properly so that the government can function smoothly.

In this election the worst happened to Aam Aadmi Party… from being the most hailed party to the rejected status now. Their party symbol, the broom which was meant to sweep off corruption in the country did a boomerang and in the bargain they got swept away like dust on the floor. I feel Kejriwal himself is to be blamed for this. When he was first seen on a public platform people had a lot of respect for him, he being an IIT graduate. The fact that he was seen under the chatrachaya of Anna Hazare and later ditched him to form a political party, went against him. Who had heard of Kejriwal before he was seen with Anna? Anna had always said that he doesn’t want to be a part of  politics and his favourite chela did exactly that leaving Anna red faced. Since people were looking for a change  they voted for AAP and Kejriwal became the Chief Minister of Delhi. His biggest mistake was joining hands with the congress which left people open mouthed. Here was a person who was bringing out details of corruptions in the congress party and later went on to join the same party , seeing the carrot hanging in front of him. All big talks, morals and values vanished in thin air when it came to acquiring power.  Kejriwal being Kejriwal, the most confused man in today’s politics, promised so many things which he realized were too difficult to implement, only after he became the CM. But, had he stuck on and continued and done a few good things, he would not be in the position that he is in today. If he wanted to clean the system as he was claiming all the time, he should have stayed in the system and done it. How can you do it when you are powerless? When you have power in hand you can use it to do good for the society and eliminate bad at the same time. But all he did was to resign in a haste and leave all those who had voted for him, nowhere. So people got angry and used his own symbol, the broom, to teach him a lesson in politics 🙂  Now it’ll take a tremendous effort for The AAP to resurface after biting the dust so badly.

So, my heartiest congratulations and all the best to Modi and his people. Hope they will do what is expected of them. A small advice to Kejri Bhai.. you are an intelligent person but intelligence without wisdom is like a well without water. So, watch Modi for a term, learn how to run a government and come back as a better politician and a wise man. May be you will become the next big politician our country would be proud of.

21 May 2014

Lo and behold! Kejriwal the confused soul has done it again! Today the AAP chief was sent to judicial custody in connection with the Gadkari defamation case, for refusing to pay bail bond and opting to go to jail instead. Obviously this is seen as a publicity stunt by others, to attract the attention of people. He was seen apologising to the people of Delhi for his resignation saying that it was misinterpreted by all. Does he think that this is the last resort- ek akhri dav khelke dekh leta hu??








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